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Dae Bong Sunim


  Abbot of Mu Sang Sa

              Zen Master Dae Bong Sunim

                               And Vice Abbot



                                           JPSN Hye Tong Sunim

JPSN Hye Tong Sunim
Mu Sang Sa

        Mu Sang Sa is the head temple of Asia and as such the Phoenix Zen  Centre

                                       is overseen and under it's direction 



About Musangsa


Seung Sahn International Zen Center Musangsa provides Zen training following the teachings of Zen master Seung Sahn, the first Korean Zen master to teach in the West and the founding teacher of the international Kwan Um School of Zen. Musangsa is located in Gyeryong Mountain in Chungchongnam-do Province in South Korea, an area well known for its strong, mystical energy that has attracted many spiritual practitioners throughout history. Established by Zen master Seung Sahn in 2000, Musanga sits directly beneath Kuk Sa Bong (National Teacher's Peak), where over 500 years ago, the eminent National Teacher Mu Hak Daesa predicted that 800 great Dharma teachers would appear to help this world. Musangsa is the Head Temple of the Kwan Um School of Zen in Asia and practitioners from all over the world continue to gather here every year to experience Zen to wake up, attain their true selves and help this world.

Musangsa hosts annually two three-month intensive Zen meditation retreats, known as Kyol Che in the summer and winter. Kyol Che is a time when one can completely devote oneself to meditation practice away from worldly distractions and investigate one’s life closely. Kyol Che at Musangsa is open to international monks, nuns, men, and women to practice together in a traditional Korean Zen temple setting. Held in silence, the formal practice schedule includes sitting, walking, bowing, chanting, work practice and formal meals, with twice weekly kong-an interviews and weekly Dharma talks.

The temple schedule year round consists of the summer and winter Kyol Che retreat schedule and the intervening hae Jae (non-retreat) periods. During hae Jae, short retreats, special events, and workshops are offered. A community of monks, nuns, and practitioners reside at Musangsa throughout the year, immersed in Zen training. Musangsa also provides postulant (Haengja) and novice monastic training for international monks. Work-study, residential stays, Templestay and daily practice are also offered for lay practitioners. All teachings are conducted in English and Korean.


2017 Musangsa Precepts Ceremony

2017 Musangsa Precepts Ceremony

Head Zen Master Dae Bong Sunim, JPSN Hye Tong Sunim  and Dae Haeng in a group photo at summer Kyol che 2017

Abbot Zen Master Dae Bong Sunim, and Vice Abbot JPSN Hye Tong Sunim  And Dae Haeng in a group photo at summer Kyol Che at Mu Sang Sa 2017

 A Gate way at Hwagye Sa 


To enter that Gate Way in front of you, 

You must first enter that place beyond thought and words. 

Ji Mun Sunim who was born in Russia with Dae Haeng at Mu Sang Sa

Ja An JDPSN Dharma Master

and Dae Haeng at Mu Sang Sa

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