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We come to Zen practice because we spend our life Caught in a self-centered dream believing them to be real, which is creating our own pain and suffering.

Believing these self-centered thoughts to be real, which is exactly the dream.

Each moment just as it is, is perfect and complete It is our thinking that makes it not so Experiencing life without the self, is Zen practice, which is the path of liberation. Just being this moment, is Compassion’s Way.

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Zen weekly Practice Times are

Morning Monday To Friday 5.30 AM Until 7.30 AM 

Evening Monday To Friday 7.00 PM Until 9.00 PM


Monday Night for beginner’s where they learn about our form,


And are free to ask questions.

A $5 Fee is to help cover our running cost

Saturday and Sunday for Monthly Retreats. 

 2022 Calendar of other Events



Other events coming soon 

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